My Patreon Supporters

My fight against Fake History has become a daytime job, so I appreciate it a lot that there are people who like to support what I do by becoming a patron!

Here are the people who are currently keeping up my morale and helping me do my work;

Ultra Tier;

  • Tad S.

Extra tier

  • Amelie M.
  • Esther B.

Plus tier

  • Annette G.
  • Ingrid W.

Patron tier

  • Alan J.
  • Alberto Martin de H.
  • Alyson W.
  • Beth C.
  • Daniel K.
  • Forrest T.
  • Ingrid D.
  • Katia B.
  • Lewie S.
  • Melle T.
  • Pedro Sánchez G.
  • William C.B.

If you like my work and want to see your name mentioned here as well,
please consider supporting me on Patreon;

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