I’m PROPERLY back!

Exactly a month ago Twitter locked my account, there had been some suspicious activity.
It may have been my posting the ‘These bullets from Gallipoli did not collide in mid-air” response for the 91875 time in a row that made the Twitter system think something was off or that I was simply spamming.
Normally something like this can easily be solved by having a code send to your mobile phone…

But… I no longer had access to that phone.
I don’t like mobile phones, I don’t own one, my parents have one in the guest house for emergencies but there was no way I could receive the code from Twitter.
No problem I thought, just file a ticket with the Support department and at worst it may take a few days before they get back to me.

Alas, they didn’t.
Maybe it’s the US election or the pandemic, I don’t know but there was no reaction to my messages at all, for a month.
Even worse, in stead of that they “upgraded” my locked account to a suspended account!
So there I was, no way to get in touch with Twitter, no way to get to my account and no way to even respond to all the messages I was getting from worried followers.
I kept trying but now that it has been a MONTH, I decided to give up and start from scratch.
It is really frustrating because I had a few nice threads and of course over 60K followers.

UPDATE 23nd December 2020;

I got my old account back!
Someone suggested I wrote Twitter a latter, the old fashioned way, I am SO sorry I don’t remember who that was.
But I followed the advice and I just now discovered that my old account was back.
Twitter didn’t get in touch, didn’t send me a message, they just brought my account back from digital afterlife.
I’m delighted.
I had started a new account because I couldn’t give up on fighting fake history, so that account will now go quiet, if you followed me there, please follow me on the original account here; @fakehistoryhunt

8 thoughts on “I’m PROPERLY back!

  1. Sorry to hear that!
    I was terribly confused as I could not locate your account. I wanted to DM you about a conference I am attending. There is a whole section about Spanish bath house and grooming culture in 13th and 14th century. The visigoth/bath question has been opened. A lot of great resources to battle some of more frequent misconceptions has been shared during the presentation.


  2. Wonderful reads! I’m a history buff too , especially on the Roman Empire and WW1

    If I may suggest , it would be great if you explained why the “thumbs up” gesture did Not mean in gladiator times what people think it means

    Thank you !


  3. Wonderful reads ! Ima history buff too , especially on the Roman Empire and WW1

    If I may suggest It would be fun for you to tell how the “thumbs up” gesture of approval is perhaps the most misused today ; in gladiatorial times it actually meant almost exactly the opposite !

    Thank you for work


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