Not a model posing in 1920s Paris

This picture has been shared online for years with the attached claim of it showing a model in Paris back in 1920.

It does not.

I’m an expert on daily life in 1920s-1940s Europe, it is my full time job when I’m not hunting fake history.
So when I saw this photo I immediately knew it was not really from the 1920s.
If you have studied literally many thousands of original 1920s images you just know when you’re looking at one that isn’t one, you get a sense for such things.
The clothes, the shoes, the scene, even the extras in the background, it just didn’t feel right to me.
But as always, I need to prove it, it’s the best way to convince people.

I wasn’t planning on writing this article as it had already been debunked by fellow debunkers and hoax hunters years ago, Hoax of Fame wrote an article on Tumblr that also credits twitter user @thelightinlife who seems to have been the first to debunk this photo, you can read the article by clicking here.

But as the image is still regularly shared online and because it is fake history, I decided to write this article anyway.
I also wanted to see if I could find out more, which was a little tricky as the image is old and many of its original online publications are no longer available and some links related to the debunking of it lead to dead ends.
I did manage to find traces of the original publication when it was uploaded to Getty Images, the well known supplier of stock images, photos, music, etc.
It has since been removed but the echo of this publication allowed me to read the original description;

Model poses at a fashion shoot inspired by the movie ‘The Artist‘ for Madame Figaro on February 3, 2012 in Paris, France.
Dress, hat and shoes by Dior, coat by Yves Salomon, rings by Gucci. Make-up by Dunja Schultze.
CREDIT: Esther Haase/Figarophoto/Contour Style.

On Esther Haase her website you can see the original photo and other images from the same themed shoot as well.
You can see those by clicking here.

Having found the original I could now examine the photo in more detail, something that is not possible in most of the versions of this photo being shared online as they’re of low resolution.
But now you can see the subtle clues that the image indeed isn’t from the 1920s;

The newspaper head is far from 1920s looking and also uses the modern (2008) Figaro logo.
Advertisement for Bouygues Telecom, a French mobile phone, Internet service provider and IPTV company founded in 1994.

Picture(s) found online, used for (re-)educational purposes only.
I do not own the copyrights to this picture, I only share it here for educational purposes to try and make sure the real story behind it becomes known and people will stop spreading false information.

Photos shared here are obviously ©Esther Haase and/or Figaro photo.
If the copyright owner(s) objects to the sharing here, kindly contact me and I shall remove it right away or alter the images/article as required.

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