NOT a glamorous 1950s diner waitress

This image is being shared described as showing a rather glamorous diner waitress in the 1950s.

It doesn’t.

What it does show is a famous actress pretending to be a waitress in a movie from the 1940s.

You can see the actual scene here;

This is Lana Turner, one of America’s most famous actresses and pin up models during the golden era of film.
She was especially well known for her looks, for being glamorous.

The photo a publicity shot taken on the set of her romantic comedy ‘Slightly dangerous’ from 1943.
Just like these;

Unfortunately when the image is shared online there are often people who use the opportunity to be rude about modern day waitresses.
That they don’t look as pretty as they used to back in the good old days.
Being rude, vulgar or obscene on a public forum is of course a result of bad upbringing, but in this case it seems like people actually believe all waitresses back then looked like Lana Turner did on this publicity shot for a movie.

Please remember that when the photo was made this woman, already famous for her good looks had also just had her hair and make-up done by a team of professionals and was posing in front of some film lights.
Although in our modern eyes people from the past often look a bit more classy than we do, how Lana Turner looks in these photos is not representative of most waitresses back then.
And unfortunately not all men looked like Clark Gable or Cary Grant either.

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