NOT an 1955 Berlin border crossing

This famous photo is shared all over the internet as supposedly being made during the cold war in Berlin on the border between east and west and showing West Berlin policemen and East German Volkspolizei face each other while a woman has just crossed from one side to the other.

You will find this photo everywhere and rarely does anyone doubt the authenticity of it.
Well I did.

After studying old photos for decades, I just felt there was something not quite right about it.
I can’t tell you what it was but something about it made me suspicious.
So I spend some time trying to find the source, it wasn’t easy because by now the internet is plastered with this picture and everywhere you find it, the same story accompanies it.
But eventually, I found the truth.

This photo was actually taken in 1962 during the filming of ‘East Zone, West Zone’ (original title; Oggi a Berlino).
The woman is German actress Nana Osten.
More about the film here;

The film it self is rather unknown and hasn’t even got an IMDB rating, but this photo has become famous and I guess it is a compliment to whoever made it that so many people think it is real.
Mind you, it would be awesome if it was real, so dramatic.
So, sorry I ruined that illusion.

If you find this photo anywhere online, please share this information.
Fake photos becoming a part of real history are a bad thing.

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