NOT a WW2 era photo of two women posing with a “duckface”

This picture has been going around the internet as a WW2 era photo showing two women posing with what is called a “duckface” these days.
Some of the descriptions read; “World War II: When duck face was actually kinda cute.” or “Two nurses during WWII posing for a picture outside the hospital.”

It is not.

The photo is clearly not a real 1940s photo, the women are also wearing fantasy uniforms.
This is not what nurses looked like and even if these women had been 1940s entertainers, they woudn’t have glass/plastic stick on “jewels” as you can clearly see on the picture.
This is a modern photo showing two members of the UK based Spinettes trio.
These three women perform all over the world with their “vintage inspired” performances.
They simply posed for a photographer at one of the countless vintage events, someone turned the photo black and white and the damage was done.
To this day the picture is shared online, especially by dodgy photo Twitter accounts who don’t care about how real or fake the pictures they share are.

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