NOT an early 1900s dandy with a big hat

This wonderful photo is being shared online with the claim that it is a genuine old photo from the 1900s of a dandy with a bit hat.

© Gabriella Meros

It is not.

Well, half of it is true, it is indeed a photo of a dandy with a big hat.
But it wasn’t taken in the early 1900s, but in stead in the early 2000s.

The man was Sebastian Horsley, a writer, artist and well known character in London at the turn of the century, the current one that is.
He had quite the fashion- and lifestyle but died in 2010.

The photo was taken by well known photographer Gabriella Meros.

If you see the picture shared online with a claim of authenticity, please direct the person posting it to this article.

Picture(s) found online, used for (re-)educational purposes only.
I do not own the copyrights to this picture, I only share it here for educational purposes to try and make sure the real story behind it becomes known and people will stop spreading false information.

If the copyright owner objects to the sharing here, kindly contact me and I shall remove it right away.

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Gabriella Meros
Sebastian Horsley blog

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